Miley Cyrus Shower Scandal


Miley Cyrus Shower Scandal is one of various scandal of Miley Cyrus. She remains controversial through her scandals. Her images keep on leaking on the web through some means which create a new Miley Cyrus Scandal. A similar story came before public when a hacker got some images from Miley Cyrus Gmail account. In the image Miley Cyrus was taking shower.
Miley Cyrus Shower Scandal became hot as it wasn’t a picture taken from some hidden camera, rather Miley Cyrus was making pose for the photo. She was facing towards the camera with a kissing lips pose with wet see through t-shirt under the shower. It was so appealing and so hot. When Miley Cyrus was asked about this shower image, she said that it wasn’t a big deal rather it was just a silly sort of photo shoot for the web. WTF.
But when she saw that she’s receiving millions of bad comments for Miley Cyrus Shower Scandal, she said sorry before media and added that she’s really sorry if she disappointed someone or hurt them. She further said that she will learn from her mistakes, family and friends and will try not to repeat such mistakes (better word would be the “Shit”).

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