Cecilia Cheung Scandal


Nothing rocks the planet of gossips apart from celebrities caught doing their naught act outside wedding. Intimate bedroom activities are ok providing they’re kept personal and you’re legally married. Recently Hong Kong superstar, Edison Chen was caught during a video along with 2 of different Hong Kong flaming hot pop stars, Cecilia Chung and Gillian Cheung. While not one doubt that Hong Kong gossip mills are running rampant with these new photos. This is often sort of a field day for them. However, all of them have denied act in those footage. Somehow specialists from Hong Kong believe otherwise. Gillian Cheung is that the ex-girlfriend of Edison Chen. Lucky dump guy and stars in TWINS MISSION movie. The scandal was triggered when a technician copied the photos and video from the Edison Chen’s laptop while fixing some problem in it. There have been a complete of roughly one, 300 footage. The naughty footage includes Bobo Chan Man, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Edison Chen, Gillian Chung, Gillian Chung Yun-Tung, Joey Yung, Yumiko Cheng, few shouts says that Japanese star Chiaki Kuriyama too, and presumably a lot of. This is often celebrities worse nightmare..Spy camera anyone? Edison Chen, are you positive you didn’t do it on purpose? News has it he’s created some convenient disappearing act outside the country.cecilia-cheung-scandal

t night ee WVady circulated these days to over ten Facebook users who posted it in their respective walls.

It’s only 1 image and since over 100 individuals came to observe ASAP XV’s live show there, it isn’t shocking if we have a tendency to might see a bunch of photos of it on the approaching days.

As you’ll see within the image on top of, they have been terribly busy taking a trial of it. Notice additionally the guy holding Anne’s left arm who happens to be Sam Milby, who reportedly rushed on stage to hide her up.

And probably, a video of Anne Curtis’ accidental nip slip may additionally kick off.

But I hope it’s already one and last image of such incident. No additional footage. No additional videos. That is enough!

According to people who came to observe, the said production variety of Anne had to be shot once more.

Some say it’s simply a gimmick for his or her April three movie however knowing Anne; she would not have to be compelled to try this simply to solicit attention. She would never resort to that act simply to push a movie.

Star Cinema would additionally not permit that. Sam and Anne’s a lot of publicized on-and-off relationship is already an honest publicity.

After their Boracay show last Sunday, Anne, who is however to react on this issue, went back on the set of “Babe I like you” in Manila to complete some scenes for the movie.

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