Been Verified Scam

Been Verified Scam

Been Verified Scam is really a scam or some legitimate service? It’s a question of millions. Lots of stories about Been Verified Scam are published on the web though few blogs with supportive view about Been Verified can also be read. What’s reality behind Been Verified Scam Stories and “Is Been Verified Scam really a scam?” Find out the unbiased answers here!

What is Been Verified?

Been Verified is actually a service which claims that it has the information about the peoples and when you search for any person, it provides you all the related information about that particular person searched. It claims that it has the information of criminal records, personal information, career information, the address and other contacting information of the people. It’s a paid service i.e. you have to pay them if you want to search about the people.

Is Been Verified a Scam?

If Been Verified is a service as mentioned above then why people call it Been Verified Scam? There are solid reasons i.e. personal experiences of many who used Been Verified services. Been Verified spent a good sum on advertising especially on TV Commercials. Most of the people get attracted towards Been Verified when they claimed that they can find any person with its complete information and background and it has a 7 day free trial.

Now what makes Been Verified a Scam is the trial of 7 days. They say that they are giving 7 days trial and they won’t charge even a single cent for that but they do take your credit card details so that if you fail to cancel the 7 day trial, they may charge you after the trial period for the service. The annual charges are $96 for the service i.e. searches of people and their records.

Most of the stories reveal the same point that they charge you $96 even in trial period. Some claims that they tried to cancel their trial period but their all tries went in vain and they were ultimately charged $96 for a fake service. Now the question arise that why so many people after signing up want to cancel the trial? The answer is simple that they didn’t like the service, that’s it.

Been Verified” users claim that the information provided to them about the people the searched, wasn’t accurate but a fake one. They tried this Been Verified by searching the people they know and it gave them totally wrong information. The supportive blogs of Been Verified are fewer than the stories naming it Been Verified Scam. Moreover, the supportive blogs or posts are nothing but the fake reviews of Been Verified. So based on these facts and stories, we can say that Been Verified Scam is really a Scam. Beware of being dodged by Been Verified Scam!

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