Angelica Panganiban Scandal


Angelica Panganiban Scandal was the hot leaked image scandal in the second month of this year. The Angelica Panganiban topless Picture Scandal was actually eight months old and Angelica Panganiban was aware of this scandal but she was wondering why this scandal fire is given spark again?

Angelica Panganiban Scandal of Topless Photo spread to thousands of websites in just a couple of days and Angelica was wondering that who’s behind this controversy. She in very clear words denied the her presence in the picture. We have some reasonable grounds to believe her words and there can be nothing so hot in Angelica Panganiban Scandal. The first thing that creates doubt about the presence of Angelica Panganiban in her topless picture is the face. The lady in the image is not facing towards the camera so the face is not clear rather it is covered by the hairs.

Angelica Panganiban Photo Scandal

Angelica Panganiban Photo Scandal

Angelica Panganiban said about the scandal, “Hindi po ako iyon at malayong malayo po ang katawan ko doon. Sabi ko nga kung puwede ko lang ipakita ang aking katawan, gagawin ko kaya lang baka mawalan naman ako ng trabaho noon.” Most probably the picture is not of Angelica Panganiban. It’s just another lady with close resemblance to Angelica Panganiban. Whatsoever, the picture was too hot in which a women was changing her dress. So again, there was nothing special in Angelica Panganiban Scandal and like other Scandal, it was a fake one as well.

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